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Celebrate Date Night on Taco Thursday, February 15 with Complimentary Mezcal Tasting at Moe’s Cantina River North

Join the fun at Moe’s Cantina River North’s (155 W. Kinzie, Chicago. 312-245-2000) Taco Thursday, February 15., 6 pm to 8 pm., enjoy a complimentary Mezcal Tasting. All night:  Bring a date or bring your Gal Pals, everyone will be celebrating with complimentary heart-shaped churros with heart sprinkles, strawberry compote and sweet crema for each table. and $10 Mezcal Cocktail specials like Get Lucky & Amor Prohibido to sip down with your delicious $4 taco deals. In addition to the $10 mezcal cocktail menu, there will be an additional specialty cocktail (not containing mezcal). This $16 specialty cocktail is called Cupid’s Arrow. 

About Amarás Mezcal

Amarás is an honest brand born from our special bond with the sun, the land, and people who work it. It collaborates with Maestros Mezcaleros from Oaxaca and Guerrero to create our core portfolio using agave Espadín and Cupreata, honoring centuries of heritage and preserving 500 years of artisanal crafting.

Containing rich and unique notes that spark your senses, Mezcal Amarás invites you into a world of smoothness, with perfectly balanced flavors and aromas.

Each bottle of Mezcal Amarás is crafted using sustainable and natural methods, conscious of the direct correlation we have with nature.

Text Box:  About Salvadores Mezcal

For us, to speak of mezcal is to speak about different points of view; it is to remember our origins, the roots and the flavors of our Oaxaca that feels like a mythical place. A place surrounded by fields and mountains that welcome you under the warmth of the sun. When we drink mezcal, we feel the nobleness of this drink that we respect and doesn’t leave scratches. Mezcal reminds us of the people who put their strength and ancestral wisdom in their work and who are worthy of admiration; reminds us of the good anecdotes of moments with our family and friends. To drink mezcal is to rescue ourselves and to rescue a tradition.

Salvadores is a name of high strength and great message, which is easy to remember and will be timeless because of the strong desire and will to rescue our family tradition to make mezcal artesanal. Our name is strong, brief and supportive, three of the main values of the SALVADORES family.

Celebrate Galentine’s Dinner at Tree House in River North, Thursday, February 15

There’s no better way than to celebrate Galentine’s Day, Thursday, February 15, 5 pm to closing, than with your friends at Tree House, 149 W. Kinzie St., Chicago, 312-477-3983. Share a Neapolitan Heart Shaped Pizza while sipping $10 cocktails like the Cherry Limeade Pucker-Up special with Cherry Limeade Vodka, and happy hour deals, 5-8 pm ½ off bottles of wine, $10 Sleigh Sips, $5 Mango Cart and ½ off wings.

Salvadores Mezcal Artesanal

About Third Coast Hospitality Group
Third Coast Hospitality Group, owned by Korina and Samantha Sanchez, operates several popular eating and drinking establishments known for hosting events large and small. These venues include Moe’s Cantina, Old Crow Smokehouse, Tree House Chicago, Tunnel, La Luna, Encanto, and Cava Room. As a successful and growing women-owned, Latina-owned business, Third Coast Hospitality Group takes pride in offering signature spaces for private and semi-private events, corporate parties, live events, and more.

For more information about Third Coast Hospitality Group and its establishments, including special events and promotions, please visit Third Coast Hospitality Group and the individual restaurant websites: Moe’s Cantina, Tree House Chicago, Old Crow Smokehouse, La Luna, Tunnel, Encanto, and Cava Room.

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