Cyrilia “Angels Singing”

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Cyrilia Lopez, who goes by the stage name Cyrilia, is genre bending, singer-songwriter and performer from Trinidad-Tobago whose voice channels the multi-cultural history of her homeland: Indian, Spanish, African, British, Chinese, and French. Like many of her musical heroes, such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, Cyrilia’s musical beginnings originate with the spirituals of gospel music which she learned in church as a child, and her vocal delivery effortlessly blends the pristine phrasing of her heroes as well as the rhythmic calypso and melodic gumbo of Trinidad-Tobago. The sonic textures of her songs explore the emotional tapestry of our daily lives: introverted and extroverted, love and bitterness, compassion and greed, vulnerability and bravery, yet they are infused with momentum, shine like sunlight after rain, and defiantly speak truth to power with authenticity while celebrating the sweetness of life despite trauma and adversity. During the years 2014 – 2022 , Cyrilia has been based in Asia, first in Beijing, China and later in Busan, South Korea, she decided to move to Los Angeles in April 2022 after signing a partnership deal with the Craig Nobles & SwaggMedia LLC in December 2021. She has been steadily composing, performing, connecting with diverse audiences and furthering her musical career. Cyrilia has survived troubled waters and has arrived boldly into our collective now. She is here to stay, determined to sing from her heart until it runs out of beats.

Why did you get into music? 

I did not get into music, music got into me. It’s always been a part of my life growing up and living in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Why do you love being a singer?

I love being a singer because I understand there is power in music and with the power that comes from me doing my craft, I know I can touch the souls in the hearts of people around the world without even meeting them.

Why do you love being a songwriter?

I love being a songwriter because I get to tell my own story in the way I want to. 

Tell us about your new single.

My new single “Angels Singing” is honestly the peoples anthem for owning their femininity and their sensuality . Being feminine is so special and divine . Being feminine does not mean being weak. 

Is there an album coming up for you, tell us about it!

Yes, we do have a few albums in the works. As you know I’m a multi genre artist so we have a bit of something for everyone. Every day I’m creating new music. 

How do you describe yourself as an artist?

Timeless and Purpose Driven. 

Where would you like to be in five years?

Exactly where I am, but with lots more money doing philanthropic work at an international level.

Who are some of your favorite artists and inspirations?

Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, James Brown, Celine Dion, Rihanna, Lana del Rey, Amy Winehouse.

Tell us five songs in your playlist right now.

  1. “Angels Singing” – Cyrilia
  2. “Like You” – Bosschamps
  3. “Fkin Problems” – A$AP Rocky
  4. “Venice Bitch” – Lana Del Rey
  5. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana 

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Interview by Eileen Shapiro

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