Studio Movie Grill – Turn Your Day at the Theater into an Experience

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The movie theater is back and with it comes everything that goes with the big screen experience. Moviegoers want more than just a big screen with surround sound and when it comes to bringing an elevated movie experience to you, no one does it quite like Studio Movie Grill.

Studio Movie Grill Entrance

Simply watching a movie at Studio Movie Grill is enough to provide you an over-the-top experience, with the ability to take in all the sounds and cinematography that goes along with a move such as Top Gun: Maverick, but that is only the beginning. Studio Movie Grill can be a simple experience or can turn into much more.

You can dine before, during or after your movie and the quality is so good, just going to dinner is reason enough to visit Studio Movie Grill. You will find plenty of classics, such as wings, nachos and a great lineup of burgers, but take a look further to really experience the menu.

Strawberry Avocado Salad

Any dining experience should include one of the incredible salads to make things truly enjoyable. For a summer dish, the Strawberry Avocado Salad, created by SMG Chef Allie Colgin, is a must. This salad is full of fresh ingredients surrounding the avocado and strawberries and a plentiful amount of chicken that you will be hard pressed to take a bite without it. Finally the cotija cheese and balsamic dressing really bring everything to life. This along with the equally tasty Southwest Taco Salad, created by SMG Chef Ed Ramirez, came about from their menu challenges and competitions that really allow their chefs to create unique dishes. The standard chicken strips and shrimp have been raised to a tastier and unique level with the coconut chicken and shrimp combo. Each one is panko crusted with fresh coconut flake, giving it a a more flavorful and different texture than you are used to and pairing it with their spicy Thai chili sauce really sets it apart from similar dishes. You will also find a wide-range of flatbreads and pizzas and a hot brownie sundae that is loaded with so much goodness it will appease any sweet tooth. For those days you want to bring the kids in for one of their favorite movies, their are food selections geared towards the kids including their own specialty drink with a current movie theme that they are sure to love. The dining experience will make you forget that you are in a theater, appreciating the great food and amazing service.

Brownie Sundae

Studio Movie Grill has a beautiful indoor dining room, outdoor dining and incredible service to bring you your food in the least intrusive way possible. From the moment you sit down, you have the ability to order from your seat simply by pressing the service button, where a member of the Studio Movie Grill will take care of you. The entire experience is seamless and you will not be distracted in any way from enjoying your movie. Once you are seated and have you food ordered, all that is left for you to do is enjoy the movie. Studio Movie Grill has created a theater is probably exactly how you would want to enjoy a movie in your home. A reclining lounge seat with a tray to enjoy your food, is so comfortable you will never want to leave. There are a number of Studio Movie Grill locations throughout the country and they all have their own nuances, but with the start to finish incredible experience at the Bakersfield, California location, I would say expect the same from Studio Movie Grill regardless of location.

Fiddy’s Branson Blackberry Bramble

From the moment you walk in, the one thing that will strike you is how beautifully designed Studio Movie Grill is and the theater itself is meant to give you the most comfortable and well-rounded movie experience you can possibly have. You can certainly get tickets directly at Studio Movie Grill, but with movies at peak times or new releases, ordering your tickets in advance will assure you find the screening with the right seating and time for you. It is such an easy process, allowing you to simply avoid any issues other than enjoying your movie once you get to Studio Movie Grill.

Coconut Chicken Tenders and Shrimp along with Sweet Potato Fries

Studio Movie Grill offers a full bar, offering up cocktail creations far more numerous that one might expect. They create cocktails around big title movies, in addition to having craft beers on tap including local beers that are specific to each location. If you are worried about catching a game, time your movie around it, pull up a seat at the bar and enjoy. With the opening of Jurassic World: Dominion, Studio Movie Grill created the tasty “Fossil Fuel”, which includes Aviation Gin, midori, Sierra Mist, fresh lime juice and simple syrup. If you are a fan of the Old Fashioned, they created a great version called McConaughey’s Alright, Alright, Alright. And for a perfect summer drink, the Fiddy’s Branson Blackberry Bramble is strong and flavorful, yet sweet and something you would enjoy at a picnic or barbecue, bringing together blackberry, lemon and the great taste of Branson Cognac VS. The bar, much like the dining, really is an experience on its own and the great staff of well-trained bartenders know their cocktails.

If you are looking for a great experience to get out of the heat this summer, Studio Movie Grill offers you so many choices. The biggest releases, a sit down meal or a craft cocktail, you can truly make your Studio Movie Grill experience whatever you want it to be.

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